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  • Devin Dixon

    Devin Dixon

    Entrepreneur, Technologist, Runner.

  • Evan LePage

    Evan LePage

    Writer at times. Canadian. Rare smiler. Hopefull ping pong champion 2022 (yes, a winter olympic year).

  • Creative Commons

    Creative Commons

    Creative Commons licenses are a simple way to give others permission to reuse and share your creative work.

  • Jemima Gibbons

    Jemima Gibbons

    Engagement, social media and content design / co-founder @DesignClub / #techmums #oneteamgov / #MonkeysWithTypewriters book + blog / #ABeachWithWiFi blog

  • Amber Case

    Amber Case

    Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology. Research Fellow at Mozilla Foundation, Advisor at Puma Browser and Unlock Protocol.

  • Joshua Lamel

    Joshua Lamel

    CEO at InSight Public Affairs & Executive Director of Re:Create. Tech policy wonk & digital rights activist. Part lobbyist, part lawyer, part pr guy.

  • Neil Turkewitz

    Neil Turkewitz

  • Annie Berman

    Annie Berman

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